The Smart Feeding Tube Company


In the U.S., approximately 3,000 unnecessary deaths and 15,000 lung punctures occur each year because of misplaced feeding tubes. In addition, placing and confirming placement of a feeding tube is time consuming and costly due to the multiple X-rays and multiple personnel involved in the process. The steps involved often can take almost 24 hours prior to initiation of feeding further
impacting the patient. 

Veritract is developing an optically guided and steerable feeding tube allowing the clinician to visually avoid the trachea and bronchi, and efficiently deliver the feeding tube to the target location.  Because the delivery is with direct vision, placement can be confirmed immediately (see images below).  This reduces the requirement for or eliminates the need for X-ray confirmation. Saving this time results in improved patient care and "speed to feed".

      Trachea and Bronchial Bifurcation
      indicating INCORRECT placement

Esophagus and stomach lining
CORRECT and SAFE placement
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